Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Alternative?

(Jesse) #1

I am planning on getting an Xbox 360 in the near(ish) future. I would want to connect to Xbox Live, but do not have a router close enough. I could get the Wirless Networking thing for it, but it costs another $100!!! I saw something called a Power Over Ethernet, which I was thinking about. I have a wireless router. Can you all give me your suggestions or what you do?

(Mitch) #2

Run an ethernet cable from your 360 to your router

(Jesse) #3

The whole point is that my router is too far away from my room where I’ll be putting my 360.

(Mitch) #4

They make 100ft cables and adapters so you can plug two together… I didn’t want to spend the 100 smackers on the wireless adapter so I borrowed a long cable for a day to get some DLC…

(Jesse) #5

I have nowhere to run the cable where we wouldn’t see it and we can’t run it through the wall.

(JM) #6

Buy a second wireless router to receive the signal from the one attached to the internet. This will allow you to run an Ethernet cord from the second router to your Xbox. It will take a little bit of techy knowledge though.

(JayVee) #7

If you have a PC near where you plan on putting your 360, and it’s connected to the internet, then you can just hook it to the PC via the ethernet. I’ve read this somewhere in the manual, and it said that this could work by making the PC work as a gateway or something to the internet. Just make sure the PC’s running on windows.

(Astrojax) #8

easy. i have a ps2 and it works just as well. you have 3 cords.

  • phone jack thing
  • ethernet cable
  • and the power cord

i have the westell model 6100 which is very good. i use it near my computer. what you do is you plug your ethernet into the back or wherever the ethernet jack is. make sure the other end is connected to your tower of the computer. then, take your phone jack and plug it in to your modem if not already. after, make sure the power adaptor thing is in an outlet. (make sure you have broadband for the games that say “broadband only.” or dial-up…) then, go to online or multiplayer and create an account and whatever. test connection, it will recieve the data, and you will get a list of games to join in. (ex. yoyosk8boi in room 687) click join or x, whatever, and play.