Xbox 360 adapter


Where is the best place for me to find a xbox 360 wireless adapter for the cheapest price.


I’m not sure how they compare to a regular USB wireless adapter, but that’s all it is. A USB wireless adapter. You can get them at any Best Buy or other electronics store.


You can’t use a regular wireless adapter unfortunately.  It has the be an Xbox 360 one otherwise it won’t have the specific drivers available.  Whenever I’m looking for the best price I use:, Google’s Price search.

Shows 1 on eBay for $20 used.  Next for an official Microsoft one is $50.  I would stick to the Microsoft ones, but the Mad Catz are alright.  Gamestop might also have some of the older G network adapters used.


If you have a laptop you can use that.


lol, froogle, its a PUN!


I’ll trade you one for a yoyo or some cash , I plugged my xbox straight to my modum so I don’t need it any more