WTS/WTT - MFD, Anomaly Yoyos, OneDrop, Hspin, Brokenyoyos, Yoyopalace; Wants list updated nov.19 2021

First thing first - please, DO NOT POST in this thread unless you tagging someone, use private messages to contact me. I will receive notifications on email and read your message faster.

Shipping from Russia, $15 per one yoyo, for multiplies we can work something out. Covid still affecting shipping time, it is lottery now. Be prepared for unpredictable delays, but you also can be surprised by one-week-overseas shipping (happened twice so far) :smiley:

Update november 16 2021 - if you taking more than one, then i`m cutting $10 from each of pricetags. So, taking two - $20 discount from total, three - $30, and so on.

Trade options:
- RSO The End PtII (Finale) in Eetsit
- SPYY Ronin in brown acid wash only
- Some nice titanium, like raw DP`s DualiTi, G2 Ti Triton, RSO Spaceship ES (easily will trade three/four of mine for these things)

What i have:

Monkeyfinger Design 2Evil in “My comic colors”, Artist proof #1/3. With box, sertificate, and coin.
Sadly, it is not perfect (see second pic), i was dumb enough to put it to my case, and now yoyo got these clusters of white “rubs”. Looking to trade for The End Pt.2 (Finale), or SPYY Ronin in brown acid wash only.
Trades first, but asking $120 or best offer. [ON HOLD]

Anomaly Yoyos Euphonious, raw, mint, with tube

OneDrop Code1 in Dragon slayer, mint, with wrong and a bit teared box (marked as “soda blast - clear”)

OneDrop Downbeat OG in Dragon slayer, near mint to be safe, with box.

OneDrop Halifax in Shogun. Mint, with box.
$60 [ON HOLD]

HSpin Pyro66 in black, never thrown, mint with box.

Brokenyoyos Sumo raw factory polished, no visible damage, no box. Got vibe, similar to powdercoated yoyos.
Still payable.

Yoyopalace Ethereal, in special brown with engravings. Mint, with box.


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Hi there is the MFD still available?

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For now, yes, but i`m still looking for trade offers before final decision to sell it.


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