Wouldn't it be awesome if... (Forum Game)


OK. This is how it works.

I ask

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if pigs could fly?”

then you answer


and then type a question for the next poster.

Ok I’ll start

Wouldn’t it be awesome if milk didn’t go bad?

(yoyo jake) #2


wouldnt it be awesom if u had thee power to make food come out of ur hands


Wouldnt it be awesome if you could store all your yoyos in a wormhole and summon them as you please?


Wouldnt it be awesome if you could have your own signature yoyo?



Wouldn’t it be awesome if yoyos never got dinged?


yes wouldnt it be awesome to be sponsered by yoyofactory


it wouldnt be awsome…ITD BE AMAZING!!!
wouldn’t be awsome if there was a yoyo drop somewhere like some ballons with yoyos in them and you pop to find

(Johnny rocks!!!) #8


wouldn’t it be awesome to have every yoyo you want just by snapping your fingers!!!



Wouldn’t it be awesome if LED lights lasted forever?



woukdnt it be awesome if avatar the last airbender (cartoon) was still running?


No, I hate that cartoon
Wouldn’t it be awesome if computers didn’t need an internet source to access the internet, so you could use your computer wherever you go?

(yoyo jake) #12


wouldnt be awesome to meet tyler severence and get him to sign your 2010 severe on your birthday at your house amd then him give you his personal severe signed by everyone at yoyo factory and then he puts on a performance at your house. (i wonder wat x52 is going to say)


i cant snap crap!!

(DOGS) #14



Wouldn’t it be awesome if your case never ran out of holes? I’m stuck deciding which ones to keep in…


WELL I HATE YOU!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


yes,it would.wouldn’t it be awesome if trees grew money?


would it be awesome if you had every yoyo ever made!


Wouldn’t it be awesome if string came at the perfect length


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could try the yoyos you were looking at to buy before you decide to buy them?


Can’t you in a store? (I live in MA so i get the A2Z store HAHA!)

wouldn’t it be awesome if (your choice of ernie,steve,heath,hans/ben,oxy,chris, mister difeo or dale) asked to make you a yoyo?