would you rather...

(Astrojax) #1

quit yoyoing for EVER in a reward for 1,000,000?


be trapped in a cage on a remote island with 20 canables with a gun and 12 bullets?

me? quit yoyoing for 1,000,000. though decision…


Well, shooting 20 cannibals with 12 bullets can’t be harder than the time I went on a Rampage with 12 shots in a sniper in Halo 3 so yeah I’ll go with the cage thing.

(G5) #3




Cage. The Shotgun’s blunt hits is enough to kill 8 cannibals. The other 12 will answer to my shotgun.


None of those. Unless you are enforcing the rules, I’m pretty sure I won’t do it. And if you DO try to make me, I’ll just ninja slice your legs off. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mitch) #7

Thats so easy… Cannibals…

I’d simply talk em out of it…

Start like this

“How am I going to feed all 20 of you? No way you’d all get equal shares!”

And then they’d start fighting off the prime juicy parts of my body and eat each other…

By the time they figured it out they’d be down to half a dozen canibals and Im a good shot so I might have 4-5 rounds left to shoot open the lock on the cage


You my friend… are awesome.

(Mitch) #9

Thanks Samad! Thats pretty awesome… Samad thinks Im awesome!


Well the way you phrased your question, I can assume that the cannibals are not in the cage. (There are two ways of reading it, it wasn’t clear) I’d be trapped in a cage, they can’t do anything about me being in a cage.


OK so here’s what I would do(I chose cage):
They would be coming for me and I would say, “look, a fat person!” and they would run and then I would shoot just one of them and pull his body through the cage bars and kind of prop him up against my body the side that was facing the cannibals. Then they would be like “Ugggha uuuga booga?” which means" Hey, where’d he go?" And then one of them would point at their friend I was holding up in front of me and say “Humena Goooogu Jimmy!” which means “look there’s Jimmy!” and they would take him and as they reached in the cage to grab the body I would smack some of them on the head with my gun to save bullets. Then I would just repeat the process with the body and all I just wrote a story about until all of them are dead. :smiley:


Heehee. If you said look a fat person they would just eat him and forget about you. Lol.



i agree with samad (except, i only do ninja work myself, other ninjas are too expensive :P)

(Shisaki) #14

I pick the cage. I’d just eat the cannibals, problem solved.


so true

(Saur) #16

I’d take the money and then pay a ninja to get rid of the person who made me choose. that way I have a bunch of money to buy yo-yo stuff.

(JayVee) #17

Wait, then doesn’t that make you a cannibal?

(Shisaki) #18

Who said I wasnt? >:D

(Cinimod105) #19

I will quit yoyoing for the money, then join yoyoing again(he did not say we cannot join yoyoing again).


I’d quit yo-yoing. Not a tough decision at all.

Well, he said you’d have to quit “for EVER”.