Would you rather.


Okay,so another forum game!

The rules of this one is to choose between doing two of the things listed.


I go first,

Would you rather have a million dollars or be the president of the US?

(M.DeV1) #2

Million dollars.
Would you rather have your back drug a cross a rug for an hour OR kick a wall with a needle inserted under your toenail once.


Ooh, Dragged on rug.

Would you rather play yo-yo right now or hang out with family?


Hang out with family.

Would you rather collect belly button lint, or dryer lint?


collect dryer lint, and insert it into a pillow case and have a new comfy night time companion ^.^

would you rather fall 1000 feet from the sky, or rize 1000 from under the surface of the water

(YoYo_Freak) #6

Well, I would probably die either way, so from the sky cause its faster.

Would you rather shove your best friend of a 100 story building or shove your sister of a 100 story building?

(M.DeV1) #7

Ooo it’s like a “saw” scenario. Um shove my sister.
Would you rather drink shampoo or shaving cream for the rest of your life (given its nontoxic)


Shampoo it tastes better.

Would you rather have all your nonvital organs taken away or have all your yoyos taken away?


Yoyos. I can get those back, somehow.

Would u rather give birth or get kicked in the bladder with a steel toe boot?


Since giving birth would be impossible since I am a male, a have to get kicked in the bladder.
Would you rather be poor, but have a yoyo, or be rich and never own a yoyo in your life.?


Poor and yoyo hands down

Would you rather be deaf with great eye sight out blind with great hearing?


deaf with great eye sight.
would you rather lick peanut butter off a hobo’s foot or eat a spider


Eat a spider

Would you rather sleep with a cobra, or eat raw meat?


Raw meat, its called sushi…

Would you rather be stranded in the desert our the artic?


Stranded in the arctic

Would you rather sing with Justin Bieber or One Direction?


One direction,

More people… Idk.

Would you rather Eat Randy or eat Julian Smith?

(Owen) #17


Would you rather lose both arms or both legs?


Legs… I could still yo-yo technically.

Would you rather be famous or get in the news once for yo-yoing?


News for yoyoing.

Win yoyo world championship or super bowl?


hmmm… ??? well yo-yo contest
would u rather only be able to do a3 or a4