Worst knot ever thread


Lets say you got a knot that can’t be undone in the half hour! :o Before you throw it out, take a pic and post it here! 8)
Here’s mine… :frowning:
I could not tell witch way the string is going it’s so bad… I had to throw it out…


Worst knot ever thread


It will make people understand it better if you use the correct way of spelling the word the way you spell it not. The correct way is knot. I was totally confused when I read this thread.


i had a knot the size of a dime i just replaced the string


I had a basic know, it was tiny, you could feel it during play, but I didn’t. Eventually the knot got so tight, I couldn’t untie it, one of my expensive strings too… :’(


I had a knot where the strands got tangled. Took my an hour to get it.


If you get a good pair of pliers, especially needle-nose pliers, you can get alot of knots out pretty easily and quickly if you work at the anatomy of the knot.

That’s insane. That would be too much fun to get out. /sarcasm


Geez i just toss em out when they get knots.


I’m a champ at deknotting any knot (so far). Nothing has taken me over five minutes.


That’s what yo-yoing does for you.


I’m pretty good at getting out any knot! Only like 3 have beet me! Stupid little jokers!


My worst knot ever was a few weeks ago. Picked up a brand new Protostar, played smooth & perfect out of the box. Within a day got a deep tangle I couldn’t reach, and unscrewed it to pull out the string.

ARRGH…vibe ever since no matter what I do. The knot was easy, its results sucked.

BTW, I want to try to tune the axle, but the damn spacers & bearing are stuck in there so bad I’m just gonna deal with it rather than make things worse