world domination!!!


who (or what) do u think is going to take over the world?
me, i think its gunna be google or starbucks.


Aliens. :stuck_out_tongue:




vote for google!!! WOOT!!!



See that Pyramid in the Dollar and there’s a eye at the tip of the Pyramid?

The Anti-Christ.

(Astrojax) #5

other. how could you even make a - nevermind. psh, domination.


Google’s gonna rename the Earth. It will be called “Google Earth” in 2014.

(Astrojax) #7

haha. not. nothing will take over earth. some immature weirdo made this up and it goes world wide because of that. google is a generated search engine. if something would, it would be BING!!!

(JonasK) #8

The eye in the pyramid/trianlge is a known symbol of God. I have read angels and demons, the only thing illuminati about that symbol is the pyramid. It gives and anti-christ-ish feel to a christian symbol.

Google is not made up by a weirdo, Google will take over the World. Google is the most popular search enigne, but it is also an e-mail service, an internet browser and soon to be an OS. They also have a cooperation with YouTube.

Addment: Google will take over the World, I have said this many times before.


lets say google wanted to plant a virus. lets say this virus like stole your bank numbers and stuff. do you know how msny people would be financially depleated. i mean who doesnt use google every day?


True that. I never use google though, besides when I have to in school. As far as I know, same with my parents. ;D


but u have still used it. and it could plant the virus from past useage


This computer has never seen google. It’s been reimaged since then. ;D ;D ;D


They own youtube. It only costed like 1.5 Billion dollars ;D


Apple iTouch rulez


come on guys… VOTE GOOGLE!!!


this needs more views… bump!!!


I voted other, becuhs the cookies monster in my refrigerator is
gonna take over the world in 2010!
ahahaah . just playinnn . (x


it might happen :stuck_out_tongue:

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an evile army of man eating pigs in a blinket