World Cup


So how do you think your country is doing, I think England have been playing terrible, how do you think America have been doing?


I already made this thread…

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HAha, america tied england. england freeked out, america cheared. either way, we both get the 1 point we would have gotten if we won.

hey england, that was my favorite goaly fail


By any chance did you see the England v Algeria game,

Sorry I forgot about that, this one was mainly to say how things are going, because that other thread was before the world cup started and now this one is during the world cup


OK then! I’m going for Argentina and they are doing awesome! They already have 6 points! They beat Nigeria 2-1 and beat South Korea 4-1! Messi and Teves are doing awesome!


England and Brazil aren’t playing up to expectations. The English is now getting booed by their fellow countrymen. The United States need to win their game against Algeria or they risk being sent home. Speaking of being sent home, that’s what France wants. Their team has refused to practice. It turns out that their coach bases most of his decisions on placing players not on skill level but on astrology. Mexico has played nicely and I hope to see a fellow North American team do well. I am required to root for Japan no matter how they play.



What happened with France was Anelka cussed at the coach and refused to apologize. So he got sent home then the Trainer said he was fed up with the team and quit. Then the whole team refused to practice and left the training field. Weird.


i is in the u.s but i am rooting for germany who played amazingly today.