Wisdom Teeth =(


Tomorrow I am lucky enough (sarcasm) to get my wisdom teeth taken out and thus I probably won’t be on here much at all. If I am on here and I leave weird posts or something, sorry. I’ll check the posts in the next few days to see if I did anything crazy.


Wait, what does having your teeth taken out have to do with being on at YYE? And why will you leave wierd posts because of your teeth ??? :’(

What happened to them?


Getting your wisdom teeth taken out usually (in this case at least) involves being knocked out and not really all there afterwards, kind of like if you were drunk but not quite the same thing. Kind of confusing to explain.

Wisdom teeth need to be taken out of some people because there isn’t enough room in their mouth for the extra teeth (wisdom teeth)


Oh, that sad :frowning: Hope you’ll be okay :slight_smile:


Ha yeah. Thanks.


just like surgery but not as deep as a knock out i should ive been through 4 surgeries

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I’ve had four teeth removed a few months ago(I think they were premolars), but I wasn’t knocked out like that. The dentist only had to numb my upper and lower jaw(That did not feel good at all) :frowning:

Oh, and they were removed for the same reason(to make space).


Yes they are molars before (usually before but sometimes after) they come in.

You didn’t get knocked out? I bet that wouldn’t be as good as a full knock-out but oh well.


Surgery is done, got knocked out for all of it so that was good. For like an hour after I was aware of anything I had major double vision and couldn’t focus on anything. That got annoying. Everything is fine now though, just trying to get everything to stop bleeding.

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Did you get all of them taken out, or just one or two?


All 4 =) =(

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How can you chew the first few days if all 4 are removed?


Jello, yogurt…things that don’t need chewing =(