Windows Security Programs


Hey guys!

I have a Windows XP, and I am currently using Windows Live OneCare Protection.

But however, I have this yellow triangle with a black exclamation point at the bottom of the screen, where the mini icons are, and when I clicked it, it shows the Verizon Yahoo! updates.

I updated my computer today, IE 8, and the 90 day trial of OneCare, and it shows I have to hae Norton Firewall, AntiVirus, and AntiSypware. I have the OneCare, so should that do my computer for the next 90 days?

Spencer L. :wink:


It just means that OneCare isn’t one of the known security programs in XP. You should be fine with it, but if you want a good free one when that runs out you can get AVG. My school uses that for all of their stuff and well it’s a school so they must know what they’re doing (and they actually do).


Thanks, man. :slight_smile:

(JonasK) #4

So many schools use the free AVG even thought they say that the free version is for private use only.


If you are very advanced at computer uses, you can use Spyware Terminator and turn on the realtime shield thingy. It will notify you of every .exe .dll etc. used, and you can stop it from happening. If any file is being changed, it will tell you, and you can block the change from happening with it.

(Make sure you install the free antivirus that comes with it!)

Also, it finds viruses very well. AVG is a freeloader IMHO, it doesn’t find a virus until I scan the comp with ST, then when ST Finds a virus, AVG decides to say “You has virus! ;D”


Hmm well the school hasn’t had problems with it. Of course it helps that they reimage everything but the server every year but that’s beside the point. :stuck_out_tongue: