windows movie maker help


when I take some footage and go to WMM to put it on the computer I notice that there is a “import video” button, when I try to use that it does not work and I have to use the “capture from video device” button for my footage.
on another forum I saw a guide to WMM and it said after you take some footage then you upload it onto your computer than inport to WMM.
when I try to upload to my computer then it does not work for me.
my question is: do I have to use a memory stick for this function?
if it helps any I use a Sony Handycam Digital 8 the model is a DCR-TRV460.
any help is apprecaited.


I also had this problem, and the reason is that (if you have windows XP) Movie Maker doesn’t accept MPEG-2 files, which is probably what you have. You can either try to find a video converter or just use the program that came with your camera, if there was one.


okay, I use Windows XP but I use tapes for my camera instead of memory sticks so I thought that may be the problem.
the program that came with the camera will work, but only for DVDs.
and where would I find a video convertor?


Very good converter.


thank you.
I assume that there is no viruses? (my dad is very careful about downloads.)

#6 is good about not having viruses. I just downloaded it and it’s fine.


okay, I went to download it and it goes to a screen that says now that your download is complete let version tracker pro detect and correct your drivers automatically. if it downloaded where would I find it/access it?


There shouldn’t be a problem with drivers, but the file that you download is downloaded to wherever you saved it to. If you hit save, it brought up a window for choosing where to save it. If you hit run, it didn’t do that and just downloaded to temporary files so that it can be run.