Will trade these 6 yoyos for an RSO Yweti MKII (G2, CLYW, more)

Love these yoyos but my collection is getting unreasonably large at a quick rate, so I’m gonna let these guys go to a good home and trade it for just one yoyo I’ve been wanting for awhile. If you’'re gonna be at Nats and want to make the trade there, even better - just let me know!

ONLY trading, and ONLY as a bundle. No exceptions so please do not ask, thanks!

G2 Arbiter (NMTBS), Heaven Sent/CLYW Creep (Minimal marks, no dings tho), General Yo Royal 1 (NMTBS), CLYW Ditch (some dings), AL Butterfly (thrown like twice, NMTBS), Daydream (No major marks)… open to negotiation and can add cash if needed.

Will trade all for an RSO Yweti MKII.
I have great feedback and several people here know me IRL. HMU!

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