Why do we like yoyoing?

(Pantheon Throws) #62

Cuz it’s the only thing I’m actually half decent at :joy:

(Victorian YoYos) #63

Teddy :joy:


because why not

(ZAC) #67

I like the sense of accomplishment I get when landing tricks and stuff. Also have never been athletic, so it’s pretty cool to have the family tell me how good I am, like a little self-esteem boost. I’ve always been talented at drawing but I don’t like to show off my work.


Honestly, I just like the way a spinning yo-yo feels, both on throw, and in return. That’s it for me.


Just like the product description of the Deep State.
“There is just something cool about the feeling of your own energy powering a spinning yo-yo. It feels alive.”
“It’s meditative, stress relieving, easy to do, and for many it’s nostalgic. It can put you in a “deep state” of relaxation.”

(Although the Deep State itself I find a little too thin to comfortably hold :sweat_smile:)


I do a lot of art too. My art website can be found in my profile here. Show off your work! Yoyoing boosts my self-esteem too.

(Tyler) #71

Because it is (usually) a very inclusive, supportive community. And of course it’s just downright fun.

(shubham) #72

I was not good at anything in childhood except yoyoing. I slowly started to learn many tricks.and spende my time watching wyyc.which inspired to learn yoyoing more.their are many things like dancing, singing that is also free of cost you need not buy a yo-yo.but as I grew older I was not that active or I didn’t know anything or no maturity. So yoyoing from childhood till now I like throwing and doing tricks. My childhood was still beutiful because of yoyoing.it kept me busy and I got never bored.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #73

We like yoyoing because we have better tastes than those other guys. :sunglasses:

(Gregory Braun) #74

I love playing with a yo-yo. For me it’s not about getting better, but just enjoying it. I’m always working on the next trick, but mostly because that opens up new ways to play. I don’t personally get much satisfaction from learning new tricks, other than having more variety. I deeply respect those who work hard to develop their skills, but that’s just not me.

(Jolien Tomme) #76

I like my yo-yos, i have a special bond with each of them.
I always take 2 yo-yos with me, wherever I go. Those are my Riot ive got from CodingHorror, and Replay pro. I like the way it put me in a meditative state. It calms me down, and if i need a boost of energy, I get my yo-yo out. Strange enough, it keeps me healthy. And i like the way People watching me while i yo-yo. It’s like they never saw a simple toy could be so impressive !

(David Hough) #77

I yoyo because I like to learn new things. I’ll never run out of tricks to learn and it’s something I can do with a mostly fused spine. I like collecting, reviewing, photographing, trading, and throwing yoyos. Playing is an essential part of life.

(ClockMonsterLA) #78

I couldn’t have said it better, @Sinister_Yoyos! :+1:

(Ethan Phelps) #79


(Bill Blakely) #80

Oh I don’t know about not swearing. When my yoyo doesn’t do what I think it should, all sorts of language comes out. Yeah yeah yeah. I know… practice practice practice