Why do we like yoyoing?

(Carson Reid) #62

Cuz it’s the only thing I’m actually half decent at :joy:


Teddy :joy:


because why not


I’m doing something wrong here…

(ZAC) #67

I like the sense of accomplishment I get when landing tricks and stuff. Also have never been athletic, so it’s pretty cool to have the family tell me how good I am, like a little self-esteem boost. I’ve always been talented at drawing but I don’t like to show off my work.


Honestly, I just like the way a spinning yo-yo feels, both on throw, and in return. That’s it for me.


Just like the product description of the Deep State.
“There is just something cool about the feeling of your own energy powering a spinning yo-yo. It feels alive.”
“It’s meditative, stress relieving, easy to do, and for many it’s nostalgic. It can put you in a “deep state” of relaxation.”

(Although the Deep State itself I find a little too thin to comfortably hold :sweat_smile:)

(ChrisFrancz) #70

I do a lot of art too. My art website can be found in my profile here. Show off your work! Yoyoing boosts my self-esteem too.

(Tyler) #71

Because it is (usually) a very inclusive, supportive community. And of course it’s just downright fun.