Why do we like yoyoing?

(Mark) #21

I am a collector and I love skill toys and yoyos because it adds to dexterity. Also, because it is convenient and very amusing. Unlike guitar where it is so big and it is hard to make sure it is in perfect condition. (Not that I don’t love it) A plus is that it is much much cheaper than a guitar!


cuz im so awsum at 3vry T1ng and yoyos are the only things that seem to prove to be a challenge. lol jk

(Frank W.) #23

Yoyoing keeps me calm and its a lot of fun. It’s also something to help me bond with my brothers of who im trying to teach to yoyo or my friends that yoyo. Some people say to me that I do it just to get attention and impress people. Well thats not my reason at all. I love to yoyo because it’s something I can do, while others can’t. Yoyoing takes a lot of skill and determanition and not a lot of people have that drive we yoyoers do. So that is why I love yoyoing.


Mainly because there are no limitations to yoyoing. Your limit is your imagination and creativity.


Yeah, you need weird traits to be good.

Determination, Patience, Skill, erm… I’m struggling… the ability to stand being laughed at?


…because yoyos are very skillful toys, plus spin tops.

Happy Throwing! =]


Few Reasons:

  1. Makes me different from all my cousins. They all do common sports.

  2. It makes me an uncomformist

  3. It is awesome.

  4. I am awesome because of it!


You meen a nonconformist


Same difference



Its a way of life. :wink:

(winterjibber) #33

dont question it just love it :stuck_out_tongue:

(JM) #34

I spin because I love to show people that my DM is more than just a toy. It’s an instrument to display (what little I have) skill. It also lets them open to idea of being a kid again.


I love playing with a yoyo because it keeps me away from cigarettes bad habits. Six months clean now. In all seriousness, yoyoin’ is a cheap hobby for a broke 15 year old like me. I have my PGM and backup strings. That’s all I need. Also, when you get into yoyoing, you can learn self defense. I mean like if you’re good at 2A, you can beat the cr*p out of the Hamburglar with modded Raiders that have spikes in place of the hubs.
Yeah, I’ve got some good imagination here huh? Just think about the possibilities.

:slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :o 8) ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :-*


I yoyo because… uhhh… it’s fun, and ummm… I like to impress people, and it’s unique… Hmm… and now that I’m yoyoing today, at this era(or whatever), it shows how far yoyoing has come since they only sold wooden axle yoyos. I try to show people that yoyos are more than just a toy, that they are also the AWESOMEST SPORT EVA!!! I’ve finally found a hobby that I love so much, and that I will stick with for my whole life, if my future permits that. It’s not like football or baseball, once you pass 60(No offence, phiz, with the ages and all. I mean that.) Once you pass 60, you can’t play big-time football or major baseball. But yoyoing can stay with you your whole life, and like Mitchell said, there are no limitations. Your limits are your imagination. I LOVE TO YOYO!

Addment:Cheesy, huh? But true.

(JayVee) #37

I like yo-yoing not because it’s fun, but because it’s great for stimulating your brain. It gets you thinking, especially when you’re just beginning to learn a trick or yo-yoing itself. I also like it because it’s not like most sports. Look at sports like Basketball, Football, Baseball, etc. There’s always a winner and a loser. In yo-yoing, everyone’s a winner in one way or another. This might be different in competitions, but in general it’s always a win-win sport. And of course, yo-yoing is special in the way it keeps you going. No matter how long you’ve been doing it, what tricks you’ve learned, or how many contests you’ve been in, you just keep going.

That is why I yo-yo.

(Marvin.D) #38

what do you mean “we” because i never ever got a dime from anyone

(Tenoh) #39

I like yo-yoing because it gives my hands something to do which makes it easier for me to focus. It means I can take less of my medication to stay focused and sane. And my #1 reason, it’s fun, none of us would be here if we didn’t enjoy it. :wink:

(Johnny T) #40

Agreed. Thats why I specialize in 2A more than other divisions.

(Shisaki) #41

I like yoyoing becuz I get to try new strings and G-string regular is incredibly soft :P. BTW back form CA :smiley: