Why do we like yoyoing?


Why? Even the silly reasons.


You can do it anywhere and it really impresses people. I used to hate going to the grocery store, but one time I was yoyoing there and some guy gave me a dollar! ;D


It looks good ;D


Cause I said so! >:(


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I think this is an issue of integrity. Regardless of what I think and what end of the political spectrum I stand on. I was raised in a family to know right from wrong, and politics, whether you fall in the middle, the left or the right. It’s an issue of integrity no matter what your opinion is. And I say thast with the upmost conviction.

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It’s fun, it entertains, and it calms you down. (Sometimes)


I like yoyoing because it feels good, and I like the way it looks. It’s beautiful and amazing. Plus, each yoyo is a work of art. It seems that people who like to yoyo have a special bond with each other, a shared happiness about enjoying the yoyo

-the inner phiz

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I’m going to cross out my miss Arizona reference, so forget that.

Take a look at this forum. Yoyoing brings together the most amazing, most cool and most intelligent people in the whole world.

Addment: Girl or boy, yoyoing is joy


Because we got Banned on every Gaming Site.


The reason that I like…no love to yo-yo is because, first it really is the only sport besides tennis that i am good at. Second, its like we are all just one big family, just the other day i was at the collage here in town and saw someone yoyoing i just happen to have my m1 in my pocket so i walked up and started yoyoing with him and we stood there yoyoing and talking for about 4 hours. The third and finally reason, is its something that we all should be so proud of. its not like playing video games or something like that, Every trick that you learn and master is an accomplishment. it takes a great deal of time, effort, heart and skill.
tickle it


why evan?


fun, entertaining, cool, you can play everywhere, can impress people 7 show off using your yoyo.

(Mikey) #13

because we are super-duper nerds.
i mean super-duper!

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #14

simple: It looks cool, we like watching people become dumbfounded, and most importantaly: we get like $50 when we show off our tricks :wink:


Sniff… I don’t make anything… But it is still fun!

Patience is a virtue




I love walkin on the street, whippin out my Dark Magic and just havin a book of tricks and being able to just run them in succesion!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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im 11 so i have to go everywhere with my mom :’( so whith yoyos i never get bored going to the mall ect… ;D pluse its asome! and unlike video games its something u could be proud of! and u(or mybe just me) bond with our yoyos :wink:

so many more reasons i dont know ::slight_smile:


I’m sure we all do. If you ding it and go “Ouch!” then you’re bonding nicely. Like superglue with an eyeball.

(Mitch) #20

I think its great. I love always having a yoyo. If im bored, yoyo time, if every one is bored, yoyo time. I think its great to draw crowds. You dont even have to be good to draw crowds. And the little kids, they flip.

   I went to disney world with the marching band and we were waiting in one of the long lines, I of course had a yoyo with me. I started messing around and talking to my friends. My one friend tapped me and pointed behind me. There was a group of like eight people just watching and then I heard it 

"Can you rock the cradle?" 

That was awesome. “Why yes, yes I can”