Why Chemistry Class Is So Fun


Anyone know about ferrofluids? ;D

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What in the world?

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Whoa… What is it?


A ferrofluid is a polarized fluid that you put a magnet near and it will form crazy shapes and such.

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I was genuinly scared for a moment

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it is just liquid magnets. and they are awesome.

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I should’ve known that.
And any substance with iron in it is Ferrous.
Brain fart


iron powder and mineral oil? or something else?


FeO, magnetite precipitated from a complex reaction between NH and a mixture of Ferric Chloride and Ferrous Chloride. The carrier fluid is kerosene and the surfactant is oleic acid.

Was it difficult to make? Very.


how to make it? ; - P



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Kinda reminds you of that horror film splinter. :-[

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That’s fricking awesome! I gotta show this to my chem class. ;D Thx dude.



That method’s more costly than you think. MICR toner can go above $80 dollars. With the method I used, converting the Ferric Chloride, you’ll probably spend about $20-30 dollars, not including the Oleic acid. Oleic acid’s pricey, but chances are your Chem teacher might have it stored in the back.