Who's an otaku?


Hey, just wondering who’s an otaku here


I am, look at my pic

(Mark) #2

Watashi wa otaku desu! (I hope I got it right…)



(Mark) #4


(VincentD) #5

I am a little… I mostly read manga and have been to conventions a couple times.

(Mark) #6

I have been to the one in Hong Kong?


I wish I had gone to conventions
but my japanese is not so good and I dont have enough money

(Mark) #8

I went to a Cantonese one. No Japanese required.!


What’s an Otaku?


Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people with interests in anime, manga, and video games


Yugioh! I am a SpellCaster User. I also read Hikaru No Go and watch Naruto. I also love Pokemon video Games.


Yugioh doesnt count
But the others do
Although an otaku is not just someone who does those things once in a while
It’s someone who considers it part of their life, a great hobbie, an important vice…


Yugioh is an Anime. My friends and I have a match twice or thrice a week!

(Mark) #14

Magic: The Gathering counts though. :wink:


I play it, I run an artifact deck
I doesnt count, its completly american


Magic is so American. It looks Animeish but the rules are too complicated. Anime card games are simple yet really fun.


Well, let me just say and Otaku is someone who is really into ANIME and MANGA, not other stuf that have pictures of anime character or whatever

(Mark) #18

Yes. Thats why there is MS Gundam TCG.


Dont use so many letter, explain what they stand for

(Mark) #20

It means Mobile Suit Gundam Trading Card Game. XD