Whoes the sheriff?

(bubbaXone) #1

I hearby elect “Q” to be the sheriff of this here town!

all in favor?
all opose?

(Q) #2

I oppose severly


Ha ha?

(Q) #4

Exactly what I thought.

I figured you’d have a more sarcastic post that this though


Andre…DUH :stuck_out_tongue:

(bubbaXone) #6

Sheriff Q with the power to report people and the power to shut up fellons with large melons.

I present to you SHERIFF Q!!!

with his theme song!

Whoes that riding around the town
hes the big bad wolf who gets around
protecting the streets with his schtick
more faster than you can say “wow hes quick”
just an average guy with no fear
busting his rifle to the rear
having enemies say “oh dear”
better watch it or you’ll tear
cause no one mess with sheriff Q
the manly man people wondering who
this guys on top
number 1 spot
it’s the amazing SHERIFF Q!

sheriff Q’s slogan = IF you mess, you get reported!

(M²) #7

What is wrong with this picture? There are moderators you know. There called mods, not sheriffs. And i think Andre is more qualiffied to pick mods than you.


I think bubba is just taking a joke to a HNL. (Hole nutha level haha)

(Q) #9

Brain…I’m scared

(Shisaki) #10

Ughh…kill joy right there.

(Q) #11

It’s what that boy’s good at

(bubbaXone) #12

hey Q imma call you “Sheroff Mc Q”

since your so modest of not being a sheriff :).

(drumma/yoyo) #13


(M²) #14

only his

(Shisaki) #15

No, actually you kinda ruined the fun of this. Q did nothing, he went along with it.

(M²) #16

Another reason why i think “How High Can We Go” should be stickied…

(Q) #17

Just so you know, there’s a backstory to the whole Brain thingg.
And I elect Shisaki as Sherriff of this here town.
Although Sherriff McShisaki does not sound as Epic as Sherriff McQ, haha

(Kei) #18

Oh, Bubba. You are one of the weirdest people on the forums.


Goldie Hawn

(bubbaXone) #20

your just jealous I think Sheriff McQ is more fitted for the job Kei hehe.

Since you called me weird I am sry I have to do this.


you just got owned!

is that so bad I am weird?