who likes Star Wars and Indian Jones.

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Huh, who likes Star Wars or Indiana Jones.

keep spinning


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I’ve watched all the Star Wars movies.

Addment: I still know the lyrics for rappers delight.


Star Wars is ok
Indiana Jones rocks!!

jaja you put “indian” jones on the title

I know almost all the theme songs for Indian Jones


I love both, but I like Star Wars better, hence my sig.

(ed) #5

i like em both, especially those made PRIOR to 1999.


I hate them all



(JDrocks!) #8

none relly :-\ sorry


I DO!!!

Happy Throwing! =]


… :o… :o… :o…hate…OMG!!! STAR WARS is the best saga ever!!! and i love indiana jones. gorge lucas makes awesome movies i am a total geek when it comes to STAR WARS i doupt anyone will know what these are unless youre big star wars fans…

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I can agree with you obiwan1410. George Lucas makes great movies. I especially like Indy because I have seen only movie 4 and 5 of Star Wars and I have seen all of the Indy movies except number 2. Have you seen star wars the clone wars animated movie or tv show. I have downloaded almost all of the tv episodes and have the movie.

keep spinning



I like em’ both!


Indiana Jones is my favorite film character ever. I am kind of obssessed.

Harrison Ford also happens to be my favorite actor…


I was wondering how long it would take you to get here. To the Star Wars/Indiana Jones thread I mean.