Who is your favorite athlete?

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #1

My favorite athlete is Peyton Manning cuz I met him and know like half of the colts. And very close behind is Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals who lost the Super Bowl :’( 3rd is a person you may never heard of and that is Mickey Jarboe, he is a Major Lacrosse League Goalie for the L.A. Riptide. Mickey is the current Warrior Goalie of the Year(I think) and he went to the United States Naval Academy for college. Anyway their all pretty cool to me!

Again here they are

1.Peyton Manning
2.Larry Fitzgerald
3.Mickey Jarboe


mine’s Pele’. then David beckem (but right now he’s being retarded :() third :-\


usane bolt insanely fast


Lolo Jones cuz she’s HOT! :-*


Lance Armstrong. I don’t care what people are saying, I won’t believe he’s been blood-doping until definite evidence is revealed, or he admits to it.

Steve Prefontaine. Brilliant runner, he passed much too early.


Wayne Gretzky


Steve Mason.


Georges St Pierre, he’s a freak of nature

I love the idea of a french Canadian kicking everyone’s rear end since years ago, his technique improves every time, he has the best strategy in the game, never gas out, he’s always a gentleman, very professional, extremely talented and extremely hard working, he’s not the champ for no reason.

Started out as a striker, and today he’s arguably, not only the best striker in his division, but most likely the best grappler as well. At some point there were discussions of him joining the canadian wrestling olympic team.


And The Great One just became the first to get 2 votes…


Diego Forlan. Best kicker ever!
Go Uraguay!



(Jei Cheetah) #12


No joke, Rainbow Dash is my fave athlete.
Just sayin.



Even though she totally cheats…


Aaron Rodgers
Arian Foster
Rob Gronkowski




you would, Popdada…

They go on my list, too. ::slight_smile: