who hates finals

(K.O.P.O.) #1

OMG! I hate finals i havent event got time too throw this week :’( yeah so post if you hate them too


I love finals. No actual work. Im in 9th grade. All the tests are super easy and they bring your grade up.


What Apocalyptic said. No homework. Studying is unnecessary if you’ve paid attention. Yeah. Awesomness.

(K.O.P.O.) #4

well for me our finals are super hard and extra long so we have to rush just to finish :frowning:

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Finals are cool.
As long as you payed attention during lectures and studied well, its totally fine.


Some of my tests require no studying(Music). Some require medium studying(math)(Science). And some require alot of studying(Latin)(English). I still get homework and more than before with the finals coming up and even during Finals.

(Mitch) #7

Yeah, Im pumped… Easy heavily weighted grades and open campus, three tests wednesday, and two on thursday and two on Friday, Out by noon Wednesday, and 10:11 Thursday and Friday…

(K.O.P.O.) #8

well today was my last and i think i over thought it because they were pretty easy other than math which was medium


I’m in 9th. I couldn’t be happier, exam week is easy, and then you get summer. Only spanish is a pain in the butt…