Who are your influences


I like a number of yoyoers I’m influenced by adrien la, tyler severance , paul han , augie fash and harold owens who are you influenced by?


Everyone on the forum.


Any video I see i can be influenced by, usually just the barely know throwers on YouTube.


Andre and Ann .

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Jason Lee


I got huge inspiration after talking to Marcus Koh at worlds. I’m still watching his 2011 Asia Pacific routine on a near daily basis.
My Most recent inspirations are easily Benson Fok and Ryosuke Iwasawa. Ryosukes style just blows me away.


^^^^^Tomonari ishiguro


Harrison Lee


Pretty much Jensen, Yuuki, Charles Haycock, Malcolm Chiu, John Chow.

Not to mention Dale Oliver. He’s so cool!


Nobody. I’m influenced by my desire to yoyo.


^ absolutely

Andre and Ann have amazing personalities that belong to the sport


Malcolm chiu is my all time favorite yoyoer

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Steve Brown, Andre, Mickey



This is an inspiration lately, and a great song :smiley:


None. I’m motivated by a desire to enjoy this hobby/sport/whatever and push myself to improve.

I derive influence and inspiration when I need it, where I need it from.

Having said that, I’m still horrible, but I’m still enjoying it.


I base my tricks off of what i see from videos and competitions and use their tricks to mold it into my own thing. i guess you can say everyone is my influence.


To be honest, when I saw you throw I expected you to suck, like you said you did. But frankly your a decent thrower, you where no where near the level that you advertise on the forums.


I am…
the last JonRob-bender
Now I just need a Momo

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That guy named “Zammy”