Who Are Computer Doctor's here?

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i need some help.

-i insert the USB cable of my MP3 player in my computer.
-it is always detected & undetected always…(i mean it is off & on.)
-until the computer automatically restarted.
-and when it starts it says “your computer recovered a serious error, a log has been created.”


i’m just nothing because my computer is Deep Freeze.
but i’m pretty sure that the error has pass to my computer even do it is in freeze state!.

please help!
(if i don’t log-in in a day or two it means my computer has problem.:))


Ok so you’re saying you plug in your MP3 player and it connects and disconnects which leads to the computer automatically restarting and when it starts back up it’s frozen? I am going to just assume you are using Windows but tell me if you are using a Mac

If this is anywhere close, I think I have an idea for your problem. First, COMPLETELY uninstall the files and settings that go with your MP3 player, restart once or twice, then reinstall the MP3 player. If this still doesn’t work, the problem could be that either your USB ports are bad or are just missing some drivers. For this problem, try connecting something else, like a camera or a phone, and if those work then that isn’t the problem. If none of this helped, find your nearest Best Buy and they can try to figure it out for you, usually for free or even just for a few dollars. Good luck!


Try the simple stuff first. Change your USB cable and see if the problem persists.

What kind of OS are you running? Windows? Mac? Mac OS X?

What kind of mp3 player is it? iPod? Zune?

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just Windows XP.
it’s just an MP3 player, not zune or anything nor china…
because it is 2GB built-in mp3, and also my songs are only small. (100-120? only i think)
i half it so music player/FlashDrive.

Yes, you are right both.Apetrunk & DocRobot
our computer has 3 accounts (for us three siblings)
when i try to open the other account of my sister, it doesn’t have like that like in my account.
I’m afraid that when i unfreeze the computer the threat will do his part to broken the computer. ;D
what will i do?

(because it is in Deep Freeze, no anti-virus is installed.)

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i don’t want to format my computer again.
if i do it, i think it’s the 4th time. ;D


Have you tried doing the simple things we have mentioned, like uninstalling the MP3 player and changing the USB cable?

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what do you mean uninstalling the MP3 player?
Apps of the MP3 player that installed in my computer?
i don’t have programs installed.


Yes I mean uninstalling the apps from your computer that go with the MP3 player. However, if you don’t have anything installed like you say, then you need to install them. This probably won’t fix your problem, but it does have a slight chance to do so.

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I think I had a similar problem back when we had a computer running Windows XP. My account’s desktop was distorted beyond repair. All the other accounts were fine.

If the other accounts on your computer are fine, I suggest you just delete your account and create a new one. Just make sure to back-up your files in an external hard drive or another account. That way, you don’t have to reformat your PC :wink:

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