which video card??? i need help !


hi all
I’m very confused of choosing a video card,i’ve decided which video card “it’s GTS 250” but the problem is which firm…
there is many ,and almost all are different in information like the
OpenGL,NVIDIA SLI,GDDR3 or DDR3,Core Clock Speed,Memory Clock Speed…
and other
i really need to choose which firm…
there is gigabyte,asus,palit,gainward,galaxy,


That makes me think you have no idea what you’re looking for. If you said you picked the video card, then why are you still deciding what company to go with, what type of video, and what specs you want for it?

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IMHO Nvidia is the the best company for graphics/video cards.

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What are the specs of your computer now?


By firm do you mean… erm the maker? Also, please check your computer works with it. Happened to me. Check the power supply is enough, and there is a place to physically plug it in?

If it is maker… then I suggest… I have no idea. Maybe Navidia?


Intel Pentuim CPU 4 3.00 3.00
and 2,00GB ram (PAE)
I’m using a MSI n9500gt MD1G/OC and here more information for the card i use.
Bus Standard PCI Express x16 2.0
Memory Type GDDR2
Memory Size(MB) 1024
Memory Interface 128bit
Core Clock Speed(MHz) 550
Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 800

i need a more powerful video card to help me in doing After effects videos more fast,and play more cool games like GTA IV,Avatar… :frowning:

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Do you know if your computer has a PCI-Express slot?


It would appear that his current card is PCI Express so I would assume his computer has a PCI Express port.



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I meant an open one, sorry. People sometimes forget to make sure they have room.

Depending on the cooling of your case, you could do well with EVGA translation of the GTS250. The cooling on the EVGAs is adequate, if you case has some fans installed.


i would buy an EVGA video card from gts250,but there isn’t… i know EVGA are the best

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They make quite a few iterations.


I got a nVidea 9800 GTX SLI edition, It’s running my newer games just spiffy…

Make sure your power source can run it though, usually need 450 or above for a decent card.


power source is the thing"that gives the power/electricity to motherboard and HardDisk,etc" right?
how can i check how much is it?


It should be part of your computer specs. If you have a dell Dimension 4700, it only goes up to 350 watts. That left me with like 2 choices when choosing a card. So yeah, beware.


Well, look at the back of your pc, It is generally up top, and is where an electric cable plugs into your outlet. The picture I give you is a bit outdated, but the power supply is in the same area. You may have to remove the cover of your case to get the information.


i opened the case,but i didn’t find any information…
i check all sides…
there isn’t anything.