which is your favorite bearing?

(Ryan) #1

im just wondering which is your favorite bearing?


spec bearings spin for an incredibly long time and the konkave bearing is sorta usless in my opinion unless you are using a hybrid yoyo becaus of the buzz

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #3

I like the 10ball bearing. It’s really smooth, long spin time, and it’s so quiet! I think it’s the MOST smoothest bearing out of every bearing. :smiley:



He took the words out of my mouth.

I really don’t care for KK, because it doesnt really boost my performance at all.

(Ryan) #5

so is a spec good?


Yeah, its good, and very smooth. However, don’t make the mistake a lot of people are making. Do not lube or clean it. It may mess up you bearing.


yeah spec bearings are great, and like he said, dont lube it or clean it, altho i lubed one of mine and it was fine but youre not supposed to


Will I be able to lube my One Drop 10-ball?


yes you can lube a 10 ball bearing

(Ryan) #10

why cant we lube a spec bearing?and is it almost as nice as 10 ball?


No. Its better. Its worse. It is exactly the same. Basically, I am leaving it up to preference.

Anyway, don’t lube it, because I believe it comes with something in it already to let it spin long. Lubing it will slow it down, because it doesnt come with thick lube like YYJ’s.