where to work?


I’m going to be looking for a job for the summer. I’m trying to decide between Taco Bell and Best Buy. Opinions? Other places?

(Frank W.) #2

I would say best buy the whole way if your friendly and social (because you always have to say something to a customer i.e cna i help you, or just a hello). Friends have worked there and loved it except the occasional bad boss.

(Mark) #3

I would go with Best Buy. It probably has better experience (IE Managing, Social Relations etc.) and will most likely look better on your resume.


It depends which one pays you more in my opinion

(JonasK) #5

Little work and big pay= good job
lots of work and small pay= bad job

But I would go for best buy. Taco Bell is Taco Bell… nothing more to say.

(Mark) #6

Also, I disagree about the higher paying job should get it. (Unless it is signifigantly higher) Best Buy will look better on your resume and your resume is your future.

I am getting a very low paying job but I am being hired by a prestigious Fortune 500 Company that has a very good scientific background.


Thanks all. While I think Taco Bell would be cool because well I love their food, it wouldn’t look as good as Best Buy because, like Pheenix said, it’s Taco Bell, but no offense to them. I applied today for a Geek Squad Internship thing and something else, can’t even remember what lol (it took like 2 minutes to apply for that job and like 15 for the Geek Squad Intern one). Hopefully I get the Geek Squad one because that would be way more fun than the other thing. It does say you have to be 17 and I’m only 16 but I have worked with computers lots before so hopefully I’ll get it and I’ll post up what happens =)


No taco bell! It’s hecka boring. You’ll be out of your minds! Try trader joes. I have a friend there. Nice pay… just no fast food!


Best Buy is where I applied. I remembered now that I went for a job with music, software, and games or as a Geek Squad intern.