Where my girls at?!


Any other girls here on YYE? Or am i the only one? :-\

(JonasK) #2

THis thread made me wonder what happened to Kim-Lan. Her youtube vids too for that matter.


She stopped yoyoing.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaTvJWozkfQ kim’s DXL 2009 vid


It’s gotta be hard yoyoing in wind like that O_O



But yeah I think there’s one female from Werrd yoyos but I think that’s it. Welcome to YYE:


OMG!! :smiley: thats so funny! new motto for yye lol


Yeah, I’m here… Kahli is my name

And I read that your in New York, that is very cool as I’m moving there on Monday so maybe we’ll catchup at a New York meet/contest sometime.

There is probably a couple of other females around, but they generally don’t post as much or don’t stick around for long.

Its not just YYE, thats yoyoing in general really… not really a problem though.


isnt ann colony still yoyoing?


she was at pa states in december so i would say yes


She yoyos, but she quit team YYJ. sad.


aww really? she would have been amazing if she could land her tricks lol


She’s with YYF now. Even better.

(Shisaki) #14

Very epic win.


Shes not actually on the team.


why did she stop yoyoing


I believe she still yoyos (she has done a video or two lately), but I think she is doing the college thing and wanted to step back a bit/change from yoyoing and to do that she left YYJ.


Wait… isn’t she only like in 9th grade? Are you supposed to be doing it that young?? Cuz I’m going to 9th next year… :-[

And Samad, don’t you go to the same school or something…

A: I liked her penguin…
B: Shouldn’t we finish this? http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,807.0.html

It looked stikyable… (sp?)


They’re talking about Ann Conoly.


Yeah, I was talking about Ann. Sorry if there was any confusion (as I can see it now I’ve re-read my original post)