Where do you live?

(yokaiyo) #1

Where do you live and is that your home country? If not what is your home country?
I live in Sopron, Hungary. My home town is Yuba City, California.

keep spinning



I live in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia. My home country is Pakistan.

(JonasK) #3

Vang I Valdres, Norway.


Riverside, California.

EDIT: In a house :stuck_out_tongue:


Westminster, California.

(Mark) #6

Corning, New York


Didn’t we have too many of these?

Cupertino, CA, near enough to shoot samad ;D


Sniff. Samad, you and Kim-Lan are only 24 min away from each other. I live 6 hours away.


i reside in Lake forest California nothing really famous about it except the guy who did president Obama’s inaugural prayer is the minister at the church tat is literally like a 2 min drive from my house soo yea


(_|@<06) #11

Albion, NE hahaha middle of all of you AKA nowhere


Torrance, California

(JonasK) #13

You have not seen real nowhere. My place is so nowhere that you can’t see the place on google earth.


Las Pinas, Philippines ( proud to be filipino, ;D)

(_|@<06) #15

Holy crap, at least my farm is on google earth lol

(JonasK) #16


I am quite proud too :slight_smile:

(WhyLovedEda?) #18

Cebu, Philippines…

Why You Are Asking?

You’ll Ship Me A Yo-Yo For Free!?!

THATS IS SO GOOD! :slight_smile:

(Connor) #19

Western North Carolina


South Bend, Indiana