where do u live?


ithaca ny


Fairfield California.

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Mt.Holly NC


You can just check someone profile


LOL, it’s still not safe. Who now’s who this person really is. He maybe can easily find out where you live, because maybe he has sort of tracker thing. I don’t know.



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There are plenty of these “tracker things” all over the web, so I will only say my state.



Light City, Ursa Minor Beta.

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Im not trying to jack your thread but why do you need to know were they live. whats the point of this thread. Also its quite dangerous and i dont think andre would be happy if he saw this but im not sure so if its okay with him i apoligize. I my opinion i think this thread should be deleted unless you have a reasonable explenation for even putting this thread up(i dont see what you could come up with). And i would advise noone else to put there location no matter how discriet or detailed it may be.And for those of you who have your adress up i would advise you to remove it.Please dont get mad at me for jacking your thread, im just trying to keep this a safe friendly forum for all


yoyolunatic is right, but here is my state

Alaska! ;D


on earth hahahhah


The point may be that some one was or is interested in where all the people live. Does every on live in Chico or does it just seem that way.

Honestly if your worried about someone trying to figure out what house you live in it’s a real pain. These "tracker " things your talking about don’t normally give out the type of information you seem to think they do. I run a forum and a series of gaming servers. We use IP based tracing software for a variety of reasons but primarily to stop hackers. With it we can get down to the point of knowing where in general someone lives but not more than that without the aid of the local service provider. They on all occasions will not give out that information without a court order. We have found out who was trying to hack us and have had them prosecuted. We were never told where they lived.

However if you think that some one who was being malicious would track you down based off of say a city and state…try again. Take for example myself…I live in a small city of a round 70,000 people. Now that means Mr. Evil would have a 1 in 70,000 chance at best of finding me based on what city I live in. Now if Mr. Evil knew I hung out at the mall and busked to make money on Saturdays he would stand a pretty good chance of finding me. So, while it can be done it would be rather hard with vague information.

BUT, Do not ever give out your address to people that you do not know. With that everyone knows exactly where you live.


At the heart of it all :wink:

Honestly people on forums crave attention as much as knowledge.
So those individuals(myself included) have most likely put themselves into the limelight unintentionally.

If you spend a little time, you can track about anyone off of a forum…


guys i don’t have any interest in where exactly u live, i was just wondering if anyone lived close to me. besides i’m only 12.


oh we werent emplying that you want to stalk us.lol. but if a creeper saw this they could have a tracker somehow and find out were you live from your ip adress

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Jupiter (but I’m moving to neptune)


Springfield, missouri
I aint neva’ scared!


Thanks for saying all of this, Yoyolunatic. Because all of what you’re saying is exactly what could really happen if someone was a hacker guy here.