Where can i purchase acetone?

Where can i purchase acetone? For cleaning my bearing any recommendations?

CVS/walgreens are your best bet. if u can’t find it ask someone where the nail polish remover is


WalMart. Lowe’s. Home Depot. Ace Hardware…


Pretty much any hardware or home improvement store. I get mine at Home Depot.

Don’t use nail polish remover.

Walmart has it. Look around the area where all the paint stuff is. They have Acetone and Mineral Spirits, buy whichever.

If there’s a Duane Reade by you, they have a store brand Pure Acetone usually by where they have makeup

Yeah Walmart had it near the paint section. Also in the sewing section they have sewing machine oil which I picked up for thin lube when I bought the mineral spirits.

Sweet. Sewing machine oil is what I’ve used forever. I might try some of Terrapin’s dry stuff soon.

I’ve been playing around with electrical contact cleaner, as was suggested, and it’s just so much easier to achieve good results with it.

Make sure it 100% acetone not the nail polish stuff also don’t get acetone on your hands or wood.

Care to explain why?

I would be more concerned about getting it on any plastic parts as it will soften many types of plastic.

I melted a plastic cup with it once…

Getting a little acetone on your hands isn’t a big deal. Not something to freak about. In the long term, like if you get large amounts on your skin every day, it can cause liver damage but the small amount used in cleaning bearings isn’t going to hurt you. I used to apply decals to Ti and used acetone to get decals off, and to clean the surface. I never wore gloves.

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can you strip paint on a yoyo with acetone ?

Depends on the paint. Lacquer thinner will remove most paints as well.