Where can I find YYF Thin Lube


When you lube your yoyo do you have to make sure to use YYJ lube for YYJ yoyos and YYF lube for YYF yoyos? If you do then where can you find YYF lube because I can’t find any anywhere online, I can just find YYJ lube.

(JonasK) #2

I don’t think anything called YYF lube exists right now. I believe YYJ is the only brand producing and selling thin lube at the moment. Use YYJ lube for all yoyos. Thin lube that is. There’s a lot of thick lube alternatives.


There is no such thing as YoYoFactory Thin/Thick Lube. There are many alternatives, but I reccommend the YoYoJam Thin/Thick Lube for all yoyos. It works great.


OK I thought I heard somewhere to only use the same type of lube for the type of the yoyo. Guess not… well that’s good.

(SR) #5

dcgreen- Thin Lube: Unresponsive, Thick Lube: Unresponsive. No such thing has YoYoFactory Lube. Use YYJ Lube. Just to clear things up here.


Andre says in his lube video that you should use the Brand Lube to the Brand YoYo. I think…



Did YoYoJam make it so it won’t work on any other brand?


Well, no, but YoYoJam says to use theirs. I guess it works.

(Jesse) #9

André probably just said that so we would only buy YYJ yo-yos. Because no other brand has lubes. So we would only buy YYJ.