where are yo guys n gals from?


I presumed that the majority of people on here will be from the USA but i was just wondering were everyone is from!
ill start…

Im from England



Riverside, CA


That topic is completely different from this one. Well, not completely different, but they are not about the same thing.

Westminster, CA.


carlsbad ,CA


Not California…yay not California

(Mark) #6

New York! Technically Alberta, Canada.


come on
I love california


Yay Eastern U.S. or close to it.

Its not that I don’t agree with you, it is just that it seems like so many yoyoers are from Cali


ya that is true

(Marc) #10

Rio Rancho, New Mexico


I haven’t seen any yoyoer in california.


Palo Alto/ Redwood city, CA

Happy Throwing! =]


There are plenty. More than in other places. There isn’t enough to have 10 yo-yoers within a city or anything like that, but there is a good amount spread out in certain locations (mainly in the North and South, though).


I’m from the STL. (That’s St Louis, MO) Wooty Woot! ;D


Wow… Cupertino, Ca, one hour south of SF.


Adelaide… Australia


Baton Rouge, Louisiana


could be worse im from a little town called farnworth in england, and as far as i know the closest yoyoer lives about 15miles away (and that only coz i got him yoyoing) lol


CCK, Singapore. Probably far away from anyone here.

(JonasK) #20

Vang I Valdres, Norway. Far from civilization and yoyoers, but lots of cows, snow and mountains. So i think I win that cookie.