When is the chatroom most active?


I was just wondering when the chatroom is most active? As the title says.


I think people usually join chat when they see people in there. Maybe 2-4+ people. Otherwise, I don’t think there is a certain time when more people join. I guess it all depends on who feels like joining chat even though there aren’t a lot of people or anyone in there and then more people will join if they see there are several people in chat. And it’s also active on chat night which is usually every Thursday 8-9 PM EST.


Thanks, I don’t like talking to the bot, it seems odd.


Hmm…I’ve never tried talking to the bot before. What exactly does it say?


It is pretty weird to talk to the bot, haha

Have Fun Throwing,



I’m talking to the bot right now. I must be very bored…


the bots funny


the bot don’t know any thing about yoyos.


BOT: What is your hobby?
ME: Yoyoing
BOT: What is yoyoing? is that something i should know?
ME: Yes. Arent you a yoyobot?
BOT:Sorry, but that is either too simple or too complex for me to understand. Please ask another question.

ME:Why did the chicken cross the road?
bot: because it was a robot
me:why did the robot cross the road?
bot: because it was programmed to.

me: you’re fat.
bot: not many people express themselves that way.

okay so the first one was slightly fake, but yeah, kinda stupid.


I thought it was 7 to 9, not 8 to 9.


No, she is right. It is 8-9 PM EST.


Oh ok, sorry, my mistake.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #13

I think Thursdays.

It’s most popular on Thursday cause of everyone thinking it’s Chat night when somtimes it’s canceled. Mabye on weekends.

My opinion is mostly on Thursdays, and weekends.



It’s a lot more active now than it used to be, though.

(Brandon Jackson) #15

I generally join in when I see 3 or 4 people in there.


Which is why when I see one person in there, I go in, because when someone sees two people, they go in, and so forth.

(JonasK) #17

The chat room is vety often unactive. I think i’ve been in there alone 4 hours straight once. There’s always a bunch of people logged on, but none in the chat room. So my general though is that more people should spend more time in the chat.