Whats your story?please tell


Okay so this thread is to let people share how they started yoing.I will start.
p.s i dont want a warzone.

My friend brandon brought a moquistio to school and i was like, your wack dude.So i saw him getting pretty good and i was like woah dude(and he was only doing like a braintwister).So i went to walmart and got an orange mosquito and went on Yoyoexpert.com/learn And yoed till 3 in the morning and by that time i mastered eiffle tower and gravity pull.So i kept throwing and about 2 months later i baught an x-convict.I played the crap out of it and then it pooped dah bed and i got a luntic.So now ive been throwing about 7 months and i progressed really fast.

Whats your story?


I started yoyoing when some people brought yoyos to my school, like the Duncan Butterfly and I thought it was really cool for a while, and then I just forgot, and then everybody yoyoed so much, I bought one and got obsessed, and now not really anyone in my school yoyos, and now yoyoing is my life, and the best thing ever. :wink:


I started 6 months ago when someone gave me a fire ball and reflex my first throw i got it to sleep and i could rock the baby within 2 min.

The next day i brought it into school and every body thought it was cool. now i had a mosquito and i was learning trapeze and double or nothing soon after

Bought a DM and learned lots of stuff easter i got a DV888 and then competed in a beginner contest and for 2nd place i got a nimbus from a family member.

Those are just some major things so far a lot of other things have happened like getting a superstar for my birthday and getting into 4a with a fiesta


Sweet guys keep it up


I started 2 1/2 years ago in 5th grade when the NED show came to my school. They set up a shop where you could be three types of yoyos, an auto return, a ball bearing, and a transaxle. I bought the auto return one. I couldn’t even throw a sleeper. I played with it for about a week, then it broke. :stuck_out_tongue: Later that year, when I was on vacation I saw a hobby shop. I went inside and found a Yomega Brain. I ended up buying it and could some basic tricks on it. I searched yoyo on Google and found…nope if it was yoyoexpert you were thinking you were wrong :P…it was Yomega. I bough some yoyos from them and learned some tricks. Then, I found yoyoexpert. I asked for a DM and a Lunatic for my birthday/christmas. (My birthday is the 13th of Dec.) (Also, in hindsight I probably shouldn’t of bought a metal so early. Okay I definitely shouldn’t have bought a metal so early. :P) Anyways, I got them and started learning some tricks and got into the “advanced” sections. Now I have expanded my collection and still learning tricks. Also for the 2 1/2 years since I have started, I have only yoyoed for about a year. Also, I take my time learning tricks. So, for someone who has been yoyoing a year, I am not that good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well thats my story,


Well me and my cousin both give credit to each other for getting into yoyoing. I have always yoyod my entire life. But last year at my family christmas party we were both chilling at the table and talking, then our traditional visit from the drunken santa happend. I rememberd telling my parents to get me a yoyo because my fast 201 broke so i needed a new 1 so they rememberd and got me a speed beatle. I was going up and down ands tupid little tricks and my cousin says "Can you trapeez?’ I had no idea what he was talking about. So he explained to me what it was and i was like thats awesome… So i got home and looked up the trapeez tut and i found yye. learned everything , got a dm then 6 mo l8r a x-con and gradually got extremely good. Now i have finished the trick list have 13 yoyos and made up so many of my own tricksi cant count them. yeppss

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Ok, so I moved from Bend, Oregon to Eden Prairie, MN. So I was in the fourth grade and this guy Gavin was yoyoing and I was hooked! So I got a Metal Zero with a Duncan trick book. I got really confused with the tricks. I’ve stoped yoyoing for like 2 years (I don’t know why) and now I’ve been yoyoing for about 4 months and I’m almost into the Advanced Part 2!


I saw a guy yoyoing in Ocean City, NJ when I was on vacation and instantly went into the store nearby and bought a Black Mamba (sort of like a yomega brain, but better). From there I kept practicing. Now I’ve been yoyoing for 3 years and 4 months.


I bought a laminated Woody Roller back in the day. Mastered Around the World, but set an entertainment center on it while moving, and didn’t pick one up for years

Almost a year ago, the artificial tri-cuspid valve in my moms heart broke and killed her. It effected my mental state to where I was no longer able to concentrate or control my anger, which in turn, began to effect my social and professional life. I went to a doctor for help who gave me a long string of scripts till he found one that would agree with me. It made me able to cope, but took my ability to concentrate and makes me fidgety. After I hand painted an entire box set of Space Hulk I went to the game store at the mall to pick up another game to paint. They had Yomega Fireballs and I got all nostalgic. So I picked one up and ran through the trick book over a week or 2. That helped reduce my 2 new problems immensely and well as providing me with a skill (albeit a pretty useful one) that I could continue to build on. So I got hooked, and ended up here, looking for new tricks and an upgrade suggestion. I finished the master section a month or 2 ago. Thought I was hardcore for about 3 minutes after landing Ladder Escape for the first time, but then went looking for harder tricks and found out how remedial I actually was. I still have a long ways to go yet, before I get good enough to be bored, so I’ll be here for a while.


Patrick… that was amazing :’(


Aahahahahahha that was priceless (: no but pat i would love to hear how you started.


I have an obsessive personality, I yoyo 10 hours a day, you can see where i’m going.

PS: I say, where did you get that dashing signature?


i stole it :stuck_out_tongue:


well i knew that :wink:

might want to ask next time, I take pride in my siggys, I won’t say no. :slight_smile:


well yah thanks and sorry

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Uncle Phil got me a Gold Fusion for my birthday but Carlton took it. Phil got me another because, you know, he’s loaded.


No uncle phil told me that yoyos are a waste of time and i should be a judge.Caralton told me that i should live in the pool house with him but thats just wack.Nuff said.

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yeah no…


One day I was at my house doing absolutly nothing and I just got the idea out of nowere to build a yoyo. So I went on internet and searched on how to build a yoyo. So I got some wood, took a drill and made it. The yoyo didn´t sleep you just threw it and it would come back instantly. Some that I found strange is that my brother teached me how to throw a sleeper on the wooden yoyo but he hate yoyoing and has never shown interest on learning.

When I build the wooden it was summer and I was going on a trip to Miami so I thought ¨well I can buy a proper yoyo on the trip¨. So I went to a Toy r us and bought an Imperial, then to a Walmart and bought a Butterfly and a Mosquito.

When I came back I found on youtube Andre´s video and I started learning the basics. So after 2 weeks I found out the I needed a new yoyo because the Mosquito wasn´t enough. So after doing some online research on desiding on getting the a Lyn Fury, Speed Maker, or Kick Side. I got the Lyn Fury and started learning tricks.