whats with yoyo bot


whats with yoyo bot? is he like some computer program that’s job is 2 talk?


Yeah, basically.


he’s creapy




at least he gives you something to do while there isnt anyone in the chat,but he is creepy…



(J. Lev) #7

He REALLY scares me.


I said to him,“Whats your favorite yoyo?” He said,“Whats a yoyo?” That you have a yoyo that we have a yoyo and you want a yoyo. Then he said,“Help me pick out a dress.” I’M NOT KIDDING!!!


Yeah, hes often starts weird conversations… :-\

(Connor) #10

He really does…he asked me where he could find a boyfriend once…then i asked if he was male…he said yes…i then left the chat…


I once was trying to make conversation. Next thing you know:

“Do YOu like me?”

“Uh, you’re a cool robot”

“Where do you live?”


(Connor) #12

Good call. :smiley:



Happy Throwing! =]



YoYoBot is cool. He’s actually based on a piece of software known as the Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity, or ALICE for short.

ALICE (YoYobot) is a chatterbot based on the old ELIZA code, and uses some rather complex heuristic patterning rules to simulate conversation and cognitive learning. This isn’t the same learning or talking that you or I do, and YoYoBot isn’t a true example of Artificial Intelligence. He’s still pretty cool, though.

I look forward to the day he might successfully pass the Turing Test.

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whats wrong with me?


The OP wasn’t talking about you. Also, he posted this topic before you changed your name :wink:

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i know lol ;D