whats going on with YYF


Okay i see for some reason it seems YYF has lost alot of respect.Just wondering what i missed.Please fill me in


Its become a mess but I think now it might be clearing up.


YYF really doesn’t do as good as alot of people might think, hence the " rehashing" of old yoyo designs.

(M²) #4

Personally (and this is just my opinion) but i think one person didn’t like yyf and then the rest just joined for no legit reason.


Nothing YYF is fine the way they are :slight_smile:

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“they are the corperation of yoyoing” some may think, and they are a huge (for yoyoing) corperation who make hundreds of yoyos and sell them all somewhat overpriced, and their symbol is a giant factory polluting the enviroment

but truthfully, they provide a wide range of yoyo types that all people can find enjoyable, they have great costomer service, and dont most companies sell their yoyos overpriced?

(VincentD) #7

Their fundametals are far from overpriced. I think the “loss of respect” YoYoFactory has experienced may have to do with the sort of idea of yoyoers as “outsiders”. Many yoyoers don’t want to be part of the mainstream, and as yoyofactory has gotten bigger and gained popularity, they see it as a more mainstream company.


I haven’t ever really liked then that much. I mainly don’t like CBC pads, and I just see the as the new York Yankees of yo-yoing. Don’t hate on me.

(Mikey) #9

I think people don’t like them is they are hogging all the pro yoyoers. A lot of people are now sponsered (Spelling Fail) by them, and some people don’t like that. But nothing really happened.


People may be hating on yoyofactory for remaking the same yoyos over and over, but hey, you gotta make money right? Han’s has a family to support, and making a short run of a yoyo once in a while(no matter how great or innovative of a yoyo) just doen’t pay the bills. Mass producing many yoyo however, does. It’s simple buisness. People just don’t like it because they don’t want to see yoyoing corrupted with a huge “corporate” yoyo company.

What people need to relize is that “corporate” is not synamous with “corrupt”.


What did Yomega and Duncan ever do to yoyoing besides promote it, exactly?


yes but how.we read the whole thing.Your just being to blunt to notice.

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I’m not sure you know the meaning of the word corrupted…




I read what you said about it not being a bad thing, but what I’m wondering is how are Yomega and Duncan corrupting yoyoing in the first place?


Agreed.Like we read it, we just wanted a reason on how the are corrupting it.Its seems as though you think that a yoyo company that doesnt mass produce metal yoyos or good yoyos is just bruining yoyoing all in one.


i think what sparked this was the muffin top/ replay thing with the shape.