what would you rather do


ANSWER IT or ill force you to listen to a Jamie Lynn Spears Soundtrack! ;D

(JonasK) #2

Michaels Jackson dancing… no doubt.

EDIT: I found this nice vid of some guy at Norway’s got Talent:

Addment: yea.

(Frank W.) #3

l0l nice video. And i’ll take MJ any day.


Dude, moon walking while yo-yoing will be awesome


Ha that would be awesome. Somebody needs to do some 2a and do Milk the Cow but to their side and do it slow enough that it’s in sync with the feet. That would be amazing I think.


I have this trick guitar solo and the Song All Star has a guitar solo with hip hop background. Guitar with moonwalk


dance like Michael Jackson, duh. :smiley:


Wow. Major necro.


Not really major, but still a necro.


I guess I consider a month and a half kind of major.


There have been 6 month necros, just saying, its not too huge a necro, but still matters. Let’s quit bumping this now.