What Would You Do?


I made up this forum game. We make up a situation and the next person to post tells us what they will do. Then they put a situation.

Your surrounded by twenty snipers and if you move, you will be shot. All you have are a shotgun with twelve rounds and two frag grenades that can take out 2 people each. What do you do?

Press the reset button and try again

rmbr, also put in what you would’ve done.


LAME. :stuck_out_tongue:

Use the 12 rounds to head shot 12 snipers, and then use the grenades to kill another 4. Knockout the rest of them using your gun/hand-to-hand combat, since it sounds like they are relatively close to you, so they would be able to do as much with their snipers.

A villain is holding your parents captive and tells you that you will have to choose between the two of them. The one you choose will be able to live, but the other parent will be killed. What do you do?

I’d choose my dad. My parents have been divorced since I was 4 months old so I don’t hold any connections with him at all. Otherwise, I could’ve thought of something better. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mitch) #3

Thats cruel… Sooo cruel… I’d say my dad because my mom would have a better chance fighting off the villian than my dad would…

Ummm for Kim-lan (any one can answer)

A villian says you must choose, Either all yoyos in the world will be destroyed and no more made or all penguins. (And not the hockey team)

Not sure what I’d pick

  1. Get one ear cut off.

  2. Get both ears cut off.


Both, you will be lopsided with one.

You are stuck in a building that is on fire and no way out exept your window, but outisde your window is a giants spider/cow/bull beast that is very angry at you and your clothes have gasoline on them and a a bomb is in your brothers room. (Yes, you have a brother)

  1. Take off your clothes and throw them at the beast and hope it dies.

  2. Run for it.

  3. Other?

(Mitch) #6

Use your brother as bait to distract that freak of nature beast outside and run away nekked… :slight_smile:


Your brother escaped. You are alone at the house.


Run for it.

Imagine you’re stuck in a room with no way out. How do you get out? There are no doors or windows and the room is made of 3inch titanium.

Stop Imagining

(Mark) #9

Use 12 molar Hydrofluoric Acid ;D


You have nothing on you

(Shisaki) #11

Eat the titanium…duhh…

You are about to be eaten by nazi hitler what do you do?

Stick aneedle in his bloodstream so it would travel thru it and puncture his heart, slowly drowning him inside his body with his own blood…


Tell him the truth, his grandfather was Jewish. He would kill himslef for being a generation from a Jewish family.