what were you for halloween?


post what you decided to dress up as.


i was jigsaw from the movie saw


A Ninja.

No seriously, I didn’t know what I should be, and I was wearing all black so I made some Ninja stars and said I was a Ninja.


My friend an I were clowns and i juggled clubs, People were so impressed they gave me extra candy


I was a ninja too.

No seriously. Three friends and I all dressed up. It was pretty epic.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #6

i had green hair and an orange shirt ;D


i was a leprechaun. it was pretty awesome


I dressed up as an eccentric billionaire, and two of my friends dressed up as my servants.

(Mitch) #9

I dressed up as a Taco Bell employee…

No seriously… I had to work… it sucked


i dressed up as myself and i scared everyone :o


I was me! Yeah you wish you were that cool. I didn’t even go trick-or-treating i don’t have any neighbors. :’(


how where do you live


I live in AZ. Not all of AZ is like that just were i live. lol



(winterjibber) #15

i was shaggy from scooby doo. my cousins and brother were the rest of the gang. my costume last year pwned all. it was napoleon dynimite

(Jesse) #16

Last year I went all out and made this INSANE pacman costume. But it was really annoying to run around in when my friends and I were trick or treating, so, this year, I dropped down to the lowest of levels, and, yes, I was a sports player. I at least lugged a heavy goalie lacrosse stick around. One lady didn’t even give us candy because we were sports players. But it started pouring rain and since we were the only people out, people started giving us the rest of their candy bowls, it was awesome!

(Nova) #17

Albert Einstein.

I had Albert Einstein mask and Frankenstein clothes. Hence, Frank Einstein. :stuck_out_tongue:


i had just had a soccer game and i had no idea what to be so i just went as a soccer player.

(Mikey) #19

it was napoleon dynimite
I knew a person who was this year napoleon dynimite!