What type of Music do you listen to?

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #1

I like listening to heavy metal! My favorite band is Apocalyptica. They only play cellos!
Here is a video of them playing the best song(IMO) ever, Path!


(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #2

I really don’t have one. I listen too some oldies, rock, jazz. It matters what i feel like listening too. :smiley:


(Connor) #3

Just about ANYTHING except Blues, Bluegrass and Rap. I LOVE alternative stuff though.

I like groups like:

Sum 41
Breaking Benjamin
System Of A Down
Burning Tree Project

And many, MANY others! :slight_smile:


Mostly all different kinds of metal. Mostly the crazy fast stuff though.

A few of my faves are:

The Black Dahlia Murder
Lamb of God
And many many more

I also like alot of old music from the 60’s era.


I just listen to what mood i’m in.


I like rock, classic rock, and alternative.

The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
Green Day
Guns n’ Roses

and many more.

(JonasK) #7

I listen to whatever people i know DON’t listen to. Just to mention someone:

Judas Priest
Frank Zappa
Flight Of The Conchords
Depeche Mode

Basically everything, but not modern techno. that sucks.

(system) #8

my favorites are motion city soundtrack, blink-182, and the rocket summer

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #9

Same here. I like listening to rock the most tho. :wink:



its been my favorite song since I whatched deadliest catch and found out what it was


I listen to far too much stuff to list.

Mostly punk and ska, though.

Rancid is, and probably always will be, my favorite band. Period.


I HATE heavy metal.

I listen to all types of music but my favorite kind are classic rock (some newer), reggea, and some ska.

But my favorite bands are Linkin Park (they stopped playing hard rock ;D), Bob Marley, Smash Mouth, AC/DC, Run-DMC, and My Chemical Romace.


Oh, come on, you did not have to make hate bold. I personally love metal…and old linkin park. ;D



(JonasK) #15


Hard to find Priest fans. I live in Norway so that may be a drawback, but still, it’s not the most popular band in the world. Although it should be.

(Mikey) #16

rock, some bands i like

bon jovi
foo fighters
rolling stones
the police
jimmy eat world
all american rejects

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all of these guys are awsome but I don’t know who yes is U like classic rock the most though



these guys rock too espesially the police 8)


Yes is probably my favorite. They’re really old and they are their own style. Completely awesome.


Linkin Park ;D ::slight_smile:

Mostly songs from hybrid theory, meteora, some from minutes to midnight my fav songs from them are faint, no more sorrow…

ohh forgot when they had jay-z liked numb/encore and jigga what/faint :o