What tune is spinning ATM?


What tune is causing your hearing to become worse at this very moment?

Offspring - Come Out And Play

(Troy(oyo) #2

Only the best

Architect-Miss May I


Roses for the Dead - FFAF

(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

Back home -  Blue Scholars


“One shot two shot three shot four shot, all I hear is gun shots, this is where the fun stops!”
-Eminem, One Shot 2 Shot from the album Encore.
I just can’t get that line out of my head! ;D



“Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr” - By Trivium! (Best band ever!) :]

(Troy(oyo) #7

You are kidding right?? Their older stuff was pretty good, but the new stuff just sound like crappy metallica… Trivium started out mediocre and headed downward from there.


The way i see it, ALL their stuff is good. Just some is better than others.
But yes you are right, their older stuff is much better.
The album Ascendancy was awesome, but The Crusade i didnt really like much.
But I respect your opinion on Trivium and won’t argue.
Hopefully their new album goes back to their old type of stuff man… :]





The Church - Disillusionist


Right now is Savior by Rise Against. “I say I don’t hate you, I just want to save you while their is still something left to save!” ;D

(Troy(oyo) #12

Suspended by the Throat- Job for a Cowboy.

tis my favorite song to do vocals on.


In my opinion, BEST song ever by JFAC. ;D


Shake It Out - Manchester Orchestra


Is this a continuous thread like “What are you throwing today”? If so, then right now is I Will Not Bow By Breaking Benjamin.

(«Ethan») #16

Seize the day by Avenged sevenefold


Unholy Confessions By Avenged Sevefold.
That’s two people who are listening to A7X.
R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. :[


Heavy Water by Foals

(«Ethan») #19

Yeah. He was great. But it was accidental overdose of pain meds sleeping pills and alcohol. He had surgery a few days before so i guess i could understand.


Drake-Over, and Drink N’ My 2 Step