What trick are you working on?


The trick I’m stuck on right now is Boingy-Boing, and I’m having some trouble. :frowning:

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That one give nearly everyone trouble. But it sure looks easy, don’t it?! haha

My advise is slow down, relax, and adjust your plane on how the yoyo might be tilting or changing axis. Just keep at it. Just relax while finding the rythem. Its alot slower than you might first think. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Is it as crazy hard as it looks?

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It took me a solid evening to get it. Ive hit it and bound out about 5 times. Getting to the first toss set up is failry easy, the first slack toss I hit 80% of the time, but Im still learning the finesse of the second toss. Its not crazy, but its not the easiest either. :slight_smile: Perfect for where Im at on the path. Heck it took me a week to get Rancid Milk down and I still flub it up from time to time. :slight_smile: So i would say its easier that Rancid Milk? (maybe? Difficulty is so subjective.

Try it tho! Its worth the effort, looks and feels GREAT


I havn’t hit it yet, but it’s really interesting. Thanks for posting it!

Not tooooo hard, but lots of knots!

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Just keep a safty pin in your mouth while plracting that trick. Youll need it in a second. lol! Ive gotten alot better now and can hit it 4 outta 10 times give or take. The second toss I found the secret is to not try to follow the first toss’ path. While the first toss passes around the string left to right, the second toss is more diagonally upwards like direct from 7 oclock to 1 oclock path. Also right before the second toss, there is a pinching roll and deft transition from the string going over your throw hands’ index to make a swap to you middle finger THEN toss.

I bet that doesnt make sense, but i tried. LOL




Got really frustrated when I tried to learn this early on.

Went back to it 9ish months later and managed to get pretty decent at it.


I got it! I got it!
I was flipping the wrong flipping string in the first toss.
Now that that is worked out, it’s a lot easier.

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YES!!! im so happy for you! I love this trick. Glad you made the trek as well. What a trip eh? ;D
I have it down 9 outta 10 times now. Love the feeling of it.


Magic drop and shockwave >:(


Having trouble with slack trapeze and iron whip. Can’t hit them at all. Any tricks or tips ? I know the string tension has to be loose and perfect but other than that ? So difficult for me.


Kamikaze 2

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Twist Shock GT by Jerri Lucas


This thread needs to come back :slight_smile:

Working on suicides from trapeze and 1.5 mount.

Out of the standard repertoire of classic trick elements (e.g., hook, rejection, whip, slack, hops, boings, magic drop, and so on…) I always neglected suicides, so that’s what I’ve been working on lately. Determined to get these consistent and the most I’ve gotten is 3 suicides in a row, which was pretty satisfying but far from the consistency I want.

Before that, I worked a lot on finger spins and got those consistent.

How about you?


FYI - you can practice gt suicides with a red triangle.

I’m working on Enigma. It’s a beast.
Well, for me anyway.


Thanks, good tip on red triangle suicides !

And Enigma is a beast for sure. Such a great trick


Yeah, it’s cool.

There’s just one spot at the end that’s killing me!


Is it the last hop? For me it’s the most difficult part of Enigma - so hard catch the yoyo on the correct string to finish the trick.


That one is tricky, but it’s the one before that where you have to stick your thumb in the formation in a weird spot.

I FINALLY figured out what to do, now I just have to do it. :stuck_out_tongue: