What to do?


I have a Lyn fury with a broken bearing sear. Should I just salvage the parts like the axle and o rings and just pitch it or should I save it for some reason.


This should probably be in the General Section. :wink:

What part of the bearing seat is broken? It might be able to be fixed/modded to work by somebody.


Yeah, I know. As soon as I went to check it, I was aware, but oh well.

Ok, the actual plastic of the bearing seat is fine, but the brass looking part that the bearing actuaaly squeezes onto is tilted. Also, the platic band around the brass part is broken at a point. All the problems are on one side.

Idk, the mods might cost as much as it would to buy one.


Most mods aren’t trying to make any money, just trying to have fun. Usually the only cost would be shipping.

I would PM somebody that mods or has modded in the past to see how much they think it would cost to fix or even how reasonable fixing it would be.


Maybe I would if it was my Dm, but this is only a 15 dollar or so yoyo, so I May leave it alone.