What style do you use/play? (poll)


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I play 1A, 2A, 4A (learning), and 5A
Wooooooo 5A rules!


1a baby with a 5a twist keep it lubed up!


I mainly play 4a and 1a, but I also play 3a, 5a, and combined aerial.


I mostly do 1a, but i fool around with 5a and 4a sometimes.


I’m a 1a, 4a and 5a guy. i tried doing looping but I’m not to great at it. as for 3a iv never tried. later and remember keep it spinning.

(system) #7

All i do is 1A :-\


1a,3a,4a,5a,and 0a but that wassnt a choice so I put 2a

(Mark) #9

Mainly 1a but I doodle with 5a.


5A FTW!!! Oh, and I do 4A too, and a little bit of 9A but not that much.



Meh, i play 1a, 4a and 2a. 4a and 2a is just for fun.

(Derek) #12

I play mostly 1A but i like to play some 5A from time to time



i play 1,4, and 5a. i dont like 2 play 3a, but sometimes ill mess around and play 3a with freehand yoyos