What style did you start out with?


I realize almost everyone starts out with basic tricks and some looping and than proceeds through 1a style tricks, but after you learned the basics, what was the first style you seriously decided to learn?


I’m just now about to start 3A which would be the second style I’ve tried ( after 1A of course)



I think 4A and 5A are probably the easiest to learn once you get the basics, I think 5A has a steeper learning curve tho, but nothing too hard.

2A is ridiculously difficult

3A seems hard to make it look good


I learned about freehand shortly after I learned about modern yoyoing, and immediately became interested in it. As such, I learned almost all of my 1a with a counterweight in my hand.

It really paid off too, as it means that I’m quite comfortable integrating everything I like about both 1a and 5a.

Sadly though, I still hand throw a yoyo 1a style. Even with the string tied to my finger, I have to throw it as if I was holding a counterweight.


1A and 5A , both have the same method and similiar tricks and you can combine both style into 1 throw , the only problem is to hold the counterweight the same way your holding a yoyo with strings attach to the middle finger but is fun :))

It really paids off , everyone was ohhhh and ahhhhh when i do it 8)


Then 4a.
Now 5a.
Trying to get yoyos for 2a and 3a.
I was also pretty interested in slippery eel for awhile. (1a without the loop on your finger)

I wanna learn them all.



that’s me too, but without the



I really do love the eel style and I’m glad people are still using it today, in fact I’m pretty sure it was because of the frustration that slippery eel caused that gave way to the 5a style we all know and love today.

I personally would like to try out the washing machine style if I had the chance, but right now 1a is keeping my time quite nicely.


I’ve been playing for about six or seven years now, and I have focused almost completely on 1A the entire time(playing a bit of 5A, some basic looping and 4A occasionally). The last year or two I’ve been in a big ole’ creative rut, though, so I’ll be picking up a Fiesta and some Loop360s and putting down the 1A throws for a while. And if I do play 1A it will almost certainly be fixed axle and or with my non-dominant hand.


Mine went i a bit of a different order

1st 4a
2nd 1a
3rd 3a
4th 5a
5th 2a


After I learned about modern yoyoing and modern 1A, I learned some 4A. As of late, I’m in the process of learning 5A. I really want to learn Tourniquet too. :slight_smile:


first I got into 2a then accidentally into 1a then i got into 5a and now planning on getting into 2 handed


0a 1a 5a 3a


Started with 1A of course then I quickly got into 4A and got the basics down but I just hate chasing after the yoyo and that is why it never stuck, hehe. Then 5A, and I also did 1A while holding the counterweight but the twist is I kind of gave up on 5A but I still hold the yoyo and throw like 5A…by that I mean that the slipknot loop is on my pinkie finger. Yes my pinkie finger and I still throw that way for 1A and when I tried 3A.

I tried 3A and it just gets me so very mad, just livid when I try to do 3A. I can throw left handed thanks to 5A but when I do 3A it gets me just so mad very quickly, hehe.

I picked up 5A again and did good with it and got 3rd place at Tennessee states in the open division this year. Now I am taking a swing at 2A, suprisingly it doesn’t get me mad at all like 3A did so I hope it will stick and I can compete at PNWR 2013 in the Two handed division. I would really like to have a good handle on a two handed style just because.

So I tried them all and my styles should be 1, 2, and 5A.

Sorry for the long read but I am longwinded anyway.

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I think you win…