What sport do you like the most?


I LOVE soccer!!! :smiley:


Generally Basketball. Easier to pick up, and get good at.


well i have to pick baseball. i am 11 years old and i have been playing baseball for 7 years. right now i am on a 11u travel team and a 11u select team. im in maryland and next year we gt to go to cooperstown for a baseball tornument. but i am going to bring my yoyos with me.



You left out hockey. That is mine.


football…been on A team and the higher B team like 3 three times…probably terying out for high school
basketball too just made all stars…our team was really bad though lol :-[

(Emily) #6

I really like volleyball, but scince it’s not on there, i vote for soccer. i like soccer to, but i like volleyball better


LACROSSE!! Best sport ever.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #8

Hmm, my friend does Lacrosse. I think Basketball wins. Somtimes i don’t like to play it from my coach. he swears and yells at us if we miss. I ignore him tho. :wink:


(Cinimod105) #9

For me, I LOVE badminton. It is a fast sport and can be played almost anywhere.

(Connor) #10

Wheres Golf!?!??! :frowning: