What should i get


Should I get a PS3 or a 360??? What do you guys have



Sixaxis Controller
Free Online


Agree. But you might miss out on some of the best games like GoW 1 & 2, and Halo. But all in all, PS3 is a good console. The only thing I hate is how the controller design was similar to the analogue from PS2 and how they changed the feel of the R2 and L2 buttons.


Get the 360. The controller is sooo awesome. Plus it is better to have a really good online gaming option rather then a free crappy one.

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If you want a gaming system that is more reliable, get the PS3. The 360 scratched discs because there is no rubber bumper to soften the spinning disc. Microsoft is too lazy to put it in a thus it scratches and cracks discs. Also, though there are not as many PS3 games out now, there is going to be a wave of them next year. Also, the PS3 is a two in one because it has a built in blu-ray player. Also, I have to say, most of the good games are usually made for both systems and PS3 has a lot of exclusive games such as infamous and resistance.


Hahah. I forgot, PS3s require a lot of updates. So if you have a slow wi-fi, you’ll be spending a lot of time watching the thing progress slowly in agony. . :slight_smile: ;D
The disc inside a 360 won’t scratch unless you tilt the console while you’re playing. It’s really sensitive
(That’s what she said).

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I think you should get a PS3 ;D
I’ve been the proud owner of a PS3 sinse it’s release and I must say, Its Remarkable! The overall system compatability is very user friendly. For instance, it displays all the main areas of media right at the main menu or XMB (xross media bar) if you will. It is very easy to understand. The games are fantastic. Games like Assassin’s Creed, Ninja Gaiden Sigma (exclusive), and inFamous (exclusive) worth it. The online capabilities are very well atributed. Going on the internet is fairly simply wth no major improvments. The speed of your online capabilities depends on your internet service. Plus, Blu-Ray! The ps3 comes with a built in blu-ray disc player, an looking at other blu ray players’ prices, this a cheaper way to watch blu ray. And, my favorite part is the online store. You can literally BUY movies and games and download them directly to your PS3! And also if you do get a ps3, try looking for the original 60 gigs. I know you might be tempted with a 160 gig system, but the models sony are manufacturing now are not as technologically capable. The 60 gig models have 4 usb slots, a cf, sd and pro duo memory card slots and are backwards compatable with Ps1 and Ps2 games. Th new models have only 2 usbs, no media slots and dont have backwards compatability.

I hope this helped :wink:


PS3. 360’s have MAJOR glitches in most games. C.O.D. 4 for an example.


XBOX 360
Really Cheap Online
Most of the Xbox 360 games have xbox live
The upcoming games for xbox 360 look VERY promising
You get 3 months worth of xbox live on any xbox when you sign up
Xbox live party ( being able to talk to friends while playing a game )
Invite people to a game while in a game (PS3 you have to quit a game , go to the lobby and invite and START A NEW GAME ALL OVER AGAIN )

It doesnt matter what you get to me , its just i think the xbox 360 is better ,
i have bought the Xbox 360 AND the PS3 ,
Very fun :stuck_out_tongue: