What other languages can you speak besides english? (or your primary language)

(Connor) #1

Well? What else can you speak?

I can speak English and Croatian and a wee bit of spanish.

For example heres something in Croatian:

JA hatar yoyo , posrijedi je vrlo zabava. JA ne moæi oèekivati rjeèkanje greenville ovaj godina. Internet bi trebao biti stvarno zabava. Moj ljubimac yoyo pravo zatim je DV888. Držati bacanje momaèki!



other from english i can speak french and swedish, not fluent in french as i am still learning but im not bad, i was born there and lived there for about 5 months until i moved to the states.

and i know swedish because my oldest brother lives there and his kids dont speak the best english so i learned swedish.

(JonasK) #3

I speak Norwgian, English, Danish, Swedish, (a bti) French, Spanish and (a bit) Dutch.

(Connor) #4

Wow. The languanges i want to learn a german and russian and japanese.

That way i would know:


(Mike) #5

I speak English, Arabic, lil french, lil italian, morrocian

I wish to learn japanese too lol


Slovak language ( 8) im cool)


french(my teacher is crazy! I get homework to do at school!)

(yoyobot) #8

i speak piglatin ha wat now ;D


im born in bulgaria so i know bulgarian and i know hebrew a bit
example: аз колекционирам монети. Имам монета от 1888 година която купих за 1 лев.
translate: i collect coins. i have a coin from 1888 year witch i bought for one lev
1 lev is about 1.39982 us dollars


English and Spanish here. Fluent in English obviously but not too bad at Spanish.
Voy a empezar hacer un video luego. Es mi video primero. =)

(JonasK) #11

Looking forward to see your vid.


Spanish. (At least for 5 words… numbers 1-5.) And some sign language too. Oh. Duh. English!

(Shisaki) #13

I speak English and Cantonese, I’m trying to learn Mandarin


-Bisaya ← It’s a specific language here in our place, like china there is mandarin. :slight_smile:
-Tagalog ← the main language of the Philippines, everybody knows how to speak it. :slight_smile:
-English ← ;D



I Love You - Gihigugma kita

Good Morning - Maayong buntag (Ma-a-yong buntag)

Good Evening - Maayong Gabii

I Play Yo-Yo - Nagduwa ko ug yo-yo

Who Are You? - Kinsa ka?

Gay - Bayot (just say it “bay” not “bey”)

Who here has Speedmaker, Lyn Fury or Kickside, because I’ll buy - kinsa diri naay speedmaker, lyn fury or kickside kay ako paliton

Liar - Bakakon

Penis - Otin

Just Ask Me Words That You Want To Translate, PM me!

(Ryan) #15

hmmm i can speak english,mandarin,indonesian and a bit of french


I can speak a wee bit of French, And I know enough German to get around.

(Johnny T) #17

English, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.


Obviously, I can talk in English
Marunong ako mag Tagalog
Puedo hablar Español básico
:slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :o 8) ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :-*

(JayVee) #19

Sweet! I speak the same languages. :wink:

(Cinimod105) #20

I speak english, chinese and cantonese