What is your plan of the day on a saturday?


well i wake up get dressed eat breakfast…yoyo…yoyo…and…yoyo some more…then i go to my friends house…watch tv…come back to my house…yoyo more…and yoyo more…and try to learn new tricks.


I don’t plan my Saturdays or any day at that.

(Jei Cheetah) #3


Wake up, eat breakfast, yoyo a bit, run on the treadmill, yoyo, go out to take a walk in the park or sometimes, a walk in wal mart :D.
Come home, rest a bit, go to the beach to practice some new Kite stuff, axle combos, yoyos, lazy susans are hard, come home, our family goes out to eat, come home, watch a movie, go online and learn film techniques, see if I sold any yoyos, yoyo, check to see if any newer throwers need help online, yoyo, play guitar a bit, go to bed.

(Next day begins with church)


oh yeah i forgot. i have to get some spakel the stuff that you fix walls with cause i forgot to shorten my string when i was doing eli hops in doors and i made a dent in the celing so on saturdays i take it into my own hands and stare at it and i stare at it some more and just let it stay in the celeing but its a little dent that doesnt do any harm…


lol jk not really i just thought i would say something causei got bored.


i hate planning out days. i like to keep things a surprise

(JonasK) #7

Eat candy.




I just started eating breakfast :wink:

(Emily) #10

well… most of the time i am home alone, and have nothing to do. so normally i just sit at home and watch tv, play with my dog, talk to my friends, and play on the computer, sometimes i give my dog a bath, and i go to church at 5:00 every saturday, then sometimes i stay up late w/ friends.


M too, it seems like if I do all that happens is it doesnt work out,lol.


Okay, one fourth of my saturdays:
wake up at 6
go to meeting place
get in car and load gear (carpool)
eat as we go
go to somewhere
do something
stay overnight
eat breakfast, go home

AKA camping.

(Mark) #13

Usually, Wake up, Shower, Eat, Homework, Yoyo, Homework, Guitar, Yoyo, SSBB, Homework touch ups, Yoyo, bed.


mage you dont eat on saterday?? ???

(JonasK) #15

Who does??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

(Connor) #16

I dont plan…EVER. Although I hope it has something to do with this certain someone. Pheenix, Samad, and DaShizNit know im talking about :wink:


i know who your talking about.

(JonasK) #18

Ooh, just remembered. I have to eat my “super-shok flakx”. Yes I gave it a name and no I won’t produce it, since it’s just messy to put marmelade in a box of cardboard and it would take away the crisp from the flakes. Anyways, the recipe is lurking in the cereal thread.